The AgriWAN Story

What do we do? We are an OEM B2B IOT device manufacturer and supplier.

We capitalise upon the LoRaWAN and NB-IoT networks and manufacture or source devices (eartags, tracking devices, sensors, nodes etc.) which are able to intelligently communicate via gateways and networks.

AgriWAN specifically services the agricultural sector both in Australia and globally, offering LoRa and NB-IoT devices as an OEM B2B solution provider. In other words, we provide expert consultation and advice leading to the development and manufacture of IOT (Internet of Things) devices as global agriculture solutions.

Agriculture has long been considered a particularly harsh environment given wind, rain, frost and UV degradation, AgriWAN specifically designed and tests devices as “fit for Ag”.

As IOT devices have particular functions their limitations are driven by necessity. The necessary size and weight of an eartag, for example, means this is the most limited and difficult application to solve. Network connectivity requires power output, power driven by battery size is directly related to weight. In which case an eartag’s network connection range and signal frequency is limited by its weight.

Other devices have more physical limitations which relate to space or their ability to function in certain environments. In many instances AgriWAN improves their physical designs which allow technology which may have originally been developed for cities, to be used in Agriculture.

Overall the Network specification is driven by the necessity of devices and AgriWAN offers impartial expert advice drawings from the knowledge and ability of its employees and shareholders.

Who are we?

AgriWAN was established as a global enterprise bringing together years of experience from the shareholders to launch AgriWAN as an online IOT resource for agriculture:

Vet N Farm:

Experts in Vet & Farm identification solutions and the leading online re-seller of eartags, microchips and other animal identification and management solutions through multiple platforms such as


One of the Asia Pacific’s leading ID, database and software solution innovators. Adilam solutions are deployed on the world’s first cloud-based RFID application platform, Arcus. A rapid deployment platform managing the core elements of people, assets, inventory and movement and layered with custom built applications for each client’s needs.


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